W9ZN – Silent Key

I saw a note yesterday that Mr. Bill Crane, W9ZN had died. Always a powerful CW signal from his home in Chicago, Illinois he might be best known outside the MidWest for his CW warm-up sessions using ‘Ben’s Best Bent Wire’ routine. I’ve listened to him pound brass many nights on 40 meters where his signal and unique fist attracted a crowd.

Dave, AA7EE used to listen to Bill from the West coast and wrote about it a decade ago.

Before Channel 9, Mr. Crane was a popular DJ in Chicago in the ‘60s and ‘70s He also served in the United States Navy.  He still wore that uniform to work every year on Veterans Day.


2 thoughts on “W9ZN – Silent Key

  • Dave AA7EE

    Thank you for this Jeff. I used to listen to Bill do his Ben’s Best Bent Wire routine on 40M in the evenings, and wonder who he was. I found that there had been a popular DJ in Chicago of the same name. I suspected they were one and the same, but was never sure. The video you linked to above confirms it. A piece of the puzzle solved. It was wonderful to learn a little about Bill. I called him a few times, but he never heard my 5W sigs from the West coast. Now, I wish I’d tried a bit harder, or even gotten over myself and ran higher power!

    His presence on the bands will be missed. They’re not making any new CW ops like him.


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