Taco Tuesday

I just took the turkey out of the freezer and I hope there is time for it to thaw before it’s scheduled to go into the oven on Thursday morning. I meant to take it out last night before going to bed but I forgot all about it. I awoke early this morning in something of a panic about it and got up early to handle it. 48F and raining right now then off and on showers for the rest of the day. I’d like to light a fire and enjoy a leisure day inside the house, but getting comfortable by the fire puts this old man into a sleep coma, even with a cup of coffee, so maybe I need a better plan for the day?

Submarine Operation Today: I will be listening for John, K3WWP who will be activating the submarine Requin from its berth in Pittsburgh using the call sign NY3EC. Last time he was there (I think) was September 27 and I managed to get him in the log and since this probably will be his last visit of the year, I’d like to do it again. If all goes well he will be trolling the waters of 7041, 10117, and 14061 +/- QRM around 1500-18/1900Z. Sending “good luck” to John for a hearty activation!

From the Ozarks: There’s some scuttlebutt about a final run of the Hilltopper transceivers, the one designed by Dave, K1SWL. I’ve got three of these single-band transceivers and they are a recommended buy if resurrected and you don’t already have one. Included in that scuttlebutt was mention of another run of the popular Cricket 20 transceivers. Keep your eyes peeled if you missed that one too. Also, have you seen the EFHW Antenna Experimenter Boards? Interesting… One final note from the 4SQRP group, the November edition of the Ozark QRP Banner is ready for download. Enjoy!

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