Someone queried the QRP-L mailing list this week about sources for RG-174 A/U custom jumpers.

"I'm looking for reliable ham vendors who sell pre-assembled RG-174 A/U jumpers with a choice of connectors and length"

Replies to date:

  • I think DX Engineering will do jumpers like that by the foot
  • I use Amphenol cables on demand, example co-174bncx200-025. Cable type is equivalent to Belden 7805 with #25 solid BC center conductor. Amazon has a few lengths. Mouser has many lengths in stock
  • I have bought cables from this group. Always satisfied
  • I have had good luck with Pasternack. Kind of spendy but good parts and service
  • ABR Industries if you aren't entirely sure what you need, call and talk to Chuck
  • I got some RG-316 jumpers/adapters ( SMA to UHF ) from Amazon