Sensory Stimulation Detoxifies the Alzheimer’s Brain - 40-Hz sound and light oscillations activate the brain’s waste-disposal function.

Niklaus Wirth, Visionary Software Architect, Dies at 89 - Pascal, the programming language he created in the early days of personal computing, offered a simpler alternative to other languages in use at the time.

CaribouLite RPi HAT - Crowd Supply, a fully open source dual-channel SDR Raspberry Pi HAT with a tuning range up to 6 GHz

Muon boards offer Wi-Fi, cellular, LoRaWAN, and optional satellite connectivity, the company says — with pricing starting at just $49.

New version of Maia SDR. This brings integration with IQEngine, which can now be used to view a recording previously made to the Pluto DDR.

New group for discussion of accurate GPS driven clocks, features of such clocks, with a focus on the Multi-Face GPS Clock.

Microwave Update 2024 - registration for the conference is now open. October 3-5, 2024 in British Columbia, Canada.

Microwaves. 47th Eastern VHF/UHF/Microwave Conference on April 19-21 in Windsor, CT. Details here.

CSVHFS. Registration for the 56th Annual CSVHFS Society Conference to be conducted in Cedar Rapids will be open soon.

“There are two things I’m sure of: I’d be happier if I put my phone down, and I am absolutely not putting my phone down…”


  • Found a IBM Selectric II typewriter in the trash and decided to convert it to connect to a computer. Video
  • Skydio X10 is equipped with industry-leading autonomy and onboard AI — which revolutionizes how and when you can fly, and how you collect and analyze data.
  • East Coast Reflector February 26 newsletter now available.
  • "We’re excited to announce that the Bluesky network is federating and opening up in a way that allows you to host your own data"
  • DVD’s New Cousin can store more than a Petabit - more data than the entire Internet can transmit in a second.
  • Lunar Tool-Kit Plans - to avoid wasted effort, a knowledge aggregator developed for studying Earth is being extended to the moon.