I ordered a couple of the new KiwiSDR 2 yesterday. They had nearly exhausted the 2nd production run and will soon begin a 3rd production run. This second generation SDR is being manufactured in New Zealand (instead of China) and I have no clue (yet) how long it will take to arrive here in the US.

I’ll explain my plans for this hardware next week.

KiwiSDR s a 14-bit wideband RX only HF software defined radio created by John Seamons (ZL/KF6VO). The KiwiSDR has up to 32 MHz of bandwidth, so it can receive the entire 10 kHz - 30 MHz VLF/LF/MW/HF spectrum all at once. Other than the specifications, the main interesting feature about the KiwiSDR is that it is designed to be operated entirely as an online web based SDR which is accessed over a network connection. Owners can optionally share their KiwiSDRs online with anyone who wants to access it, which also allows for interesting distributed applications.


While rooting around for additional details on the KiwiSDR I stumbled across several new (to me) MW DX radio blogs from the Nordic region:

Interesting tidbit, I placed the order for the KiwiSDR’s using a credit card which was rejected by the issuer in less than 15 seconds. I got a text message telling me about unusual activity on my card as a charge appeared from a New Zealand company and the name on the charge was just “KiwiSDR NZ”. Having been quickly flagged, I was able to confirm it was a legitimate transaction and make it right, but, wow, that all happened in 60 seconds or less.