This Clock Made Power Grids Possible - the clock’s motors kept electricity at a steady 60 cycles per second. On 23 October 1916, an engineer named Henry E. Warren quietly revolutionized power transmission by installing an electric clock in the L Street generating station of Boston’s Edison Electric Illuminating Co.

GNU Radio Conference (GRCon) is the annual conference for the GNU Radio project and community, and has established itself as one of the premier industry events for Software Radio. It is a week-long conference that includes high-quality technical content and valuable networking opportunities. GRCon24 will take place in Knoxville, TN from Sept 16-20.

GPS Antenna Mods Make Starlink Termina Immune to Jammers - Starlink receivers need positioning and precise timing information to function, and currently the best way to get that information is to use a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) such as GPS. Unfortunately, the antenna used for this secondary satellite connection leaves something to be desired…

Year of Linux on the desktop creeps closer as market share rises a little. 25% increase in seven months… But it depends how you count it.

Receiving SSTV From the Russian UMKA-1/RS40S CubeSat - YouTuber ‘saveitforparts’ was recently contacted by the ground controller of the Russian UmKA-1/RS40S cubesat asking if he’d like to try and receive an SSTV image from the satellite.

Become a NASA Astronaut - now recruiting for our next class of NASA astronauts. Selected candidates could fly on Artemis missions to the Moon and, eventually, Mars. Will you be one of them?

Sci-fi and Hi-fi - the microstory of a storyteller who delivers both. Many a technologist has been inspired by science fiction. Some have even built, or rebuilt, entire companies around an idea introduced in a story they read, as the founders of Second Life and Meta did, working from the metaverse as imagined by Neal Stephenson in his seminal 1992 novel Snow Crash.