I recently uploaded the Cornbread Road audio series to the Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications. DLARC is a project of the Internet Archive (the not-for-profit online library best known for The Wayback Machine.) DLARC is growing into a massive online library of the past and present of ham radio and related communications.

It is funded by a grant from Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC).

Cornbread Road was a ham radio mystery, produced in 13 audio episodes (10-15 minutes each) plus an epilogue and was originally released one week at a time between the summer solstice and autumnal equinox in 2010. I have reprised it here several times since then, but am pleased to see it enter the ham radio zeitgeist and will now be continuously available for download for many years to come.


Deep in the Heartland a small group of ham radio enthusiasts enjoy an idyllic existence of wide open spaces, no antenna restrictions, low-noise levels, simple living, and good fellowship. But things aren’t exactly as they seem. Unexplained lights in the night sky, radio signals masked from the ether, strange late night visitors to this small farming community…