I worked Eric, K7EVM who was activating US-3231 in Washington State on Tuesday, my 49th US state worked in the POTA program. This wasn’t accomplished by careful searching and pouncing, I just work what I can work and after awhile, it adds up. At this point I have made 827 QSOs across 636 parks. Since I’m left needing only Vermont for WAS POTA I guess I should start being a little more selective and keep a closer eye on the spots page. Hunting POTA has become something of a habit because I enjoy using CW to make rapid contacts, like a sprint. Most days I can put 3-6 in the log while eating my lunch.

I plan to quit hunting Parks on the Air activators before long though. I want to snag VT and complete WAS POTA before I do of course. My original goal was to work 1,000 unique parks before moving along. To be honest, the only thing holding my interest in the pursuit now is hearing field ops send “72” indicating they are using QRP.

The proliferation of hunters using higher power has spoiled some of the fun for me, though I’m certain those ops are having a blast from the field to which I say, “God Bless”. I just prefer working those using low-powered gear and simple antennas as it adds to the adventure. Besides, anything else feels like just another contact. I’ve also become disenchanted by some of the ways activators game the system. And I’m sorry, but if I work you once and get credit for having worked four parks, it’s Chuck E. Cheese silly to me.

Sasquatch Stomp March 29, 2024

The Sasquatch Stomp is an amateur radio contest sponsored by the Pacific North West QRP Group and is designed to get QRP operators on the air for a fun event similar to the Zombie Shuffle. As you will see, this event was inspired by the Zombie Shuffle and we would like to thank Paul, NA5N, and Jan, N0QT, for giving permission to copy their ideas. The main point of this contest is to get on the air and have fun. The event is scored, but unlike other contests the final score for each participant will be a negative number with the object being to get the lowest number below zero. The Sasquatch Stomp will be held annually, on the Friday nearest April Fool’s Day. Why do Sasquatches Stomp? Because we can, and because it confounds those who are looking for us!

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