End of Retro Cool QRP - If you’ve wanted one of those retro looking TR-45 low-power CW transceivers, in regular or skinny format, you may have missed the boat. WA3RNC is retiring:

“I have been considering for some time the future of the Penntek Instruments amateur radio products. This old man isn’t getting any younger and is in fact beginning to get tired. With the current production run of the TR-45L QRP transceiver getting close to being complete, I decided that this is a good time to finally retire at 77 years of age and maybe catch a breath. I have therefore chosen not to order parts for another run of these radios. As of late-March 2024, in-house parts remain for about 45 of the standard TR-45L units and about 70 of the “Skinny” version. The remaining TR-35 parts will allow for an additional 65 units, either kits or built radios. As I heard on a radio commercial, “Once they’re gone, they’re gone”. After these remaining radios are sold, I will remain available for repair and service of the Penntek transceivers. Thanks to all those who have purchased and enjoyed WA3RNC products over the years…”

QRP to the Field - The annual QRP TO THE FIELD (QRPTTF) will be held Saturday, April 20, 2024 0800-1800 your LOCAL time (the 3rd Saturday in April). All the deets including the rules can be found here.

GQRP Chairman Interviewed - Steve G0FUW made an appearance on the “All Portable Discussion Zone” today. In part he discussed the GQRP club and the joy of homebrewing. Find the interview here.

Rooster 40m or 30m CW Transceiver - Kanga in the UK is stocking the Rooster 40m (2W) or 30m (1.5W) crystal controlled CW Transceiver kit. The Rooster is a replacement for the old FOXX3 kit that Kanga produced for many years. Improved performance, more power, better BCI rejection, some audio filtering and a more practical case that is supplied as standard with the kit. The result is the Rooster. Part SMD design but ALL the SMD parts are pre-installed leaving around 20 parts to fit.

Spartan Sprint MIA - The long running Spartan Sprint, sponsored by the Adventure Radio Society has gone missing. No results posted since January and no one seems to have any news on Richard Fisher, KI6SN who has run the sprint for years. Sending waves of goodwill that we will hear from Richard again soon.