My children and grandchildren were present for the Solar Eclipse on Monday. All I can say is “Wow!” Witnessing totality was an incredible experience that has changed my life. I only hope those radio amateurs who were busy collecting data and playing eclipse radio took time to be eye witnesses to totality. If they didn’t, they should burn their ham licenses and rip their garments in anguish. What happened in the heavens was far more magnificent than what happened on any water fall display.

Now I want to do nothing but chase totality around the globe! Trust me when I tell you, I could launch a new religion based on what I saw, what 30 million of us saw on Monday afternoon. It was awe-inspiring, incredible, powerful, and more moving than most religions currently practiced on planet Earth.

I’ve seen pictures and I’ve watched videos, but being an eyewitness to totality was easily the most amazing thing that I have ever witnessed in my 65 years on this planet. Afterwards, my daughter said to me,

“Not to be dramatic but, I firmly believe when I die, I’m going to recall that time in my last moments”.

Yeah, all that and a whole lot more. It was an amazing celestial revelation and I only hope you got to experience it too!