Discovery Dish Redux

I was fairly certain this crowd funded project would be a slam dunk. Now, many days into the campaign, it seems to be struggling to gain the traction required to make it a success. There are still 25 days remaining in the effort, but with only 33% funding at this point, I have concerns about its viability. And that’s too bad because I’d really like for this to succeed. If you haven’t taken a look, please do and if you have interest you should get onboard before it’s too late.

Discovery Dish

I received an email this morning notifying me that the Discovery Dish crowd funded campaign has gone live.

Discovery Dish is a 65-cm aluminum satellite dish with an active filtered feed. It is designed for receiving real-time weather data from GOES HRIT, GK-2A LRIT, FengYun LRIT, NOAA HRPT, Metop HRPT, Meteor M2 HRPT, and other weather satellites that operate around 1.69 GHz. The dish is designed to weigh under one kilogram and splits into three petals, making it easier to ship worldwide.

I have been interested in this new product offering (and the various feeds for it) because of an interest I have in receiving weather images and data directly from satellites. The dish has a clean look that shouldn’t offend any nosy neighbors and I look forward to having it on the roof one day if the campaign is successful.