Other Arrangements

Interesting times that include a market crash and spreading global pandemic that has all but closed America down.

Just six weeks ago I listened to one analyst pontificate that Trump would be unbeatable in November thanks to a soaring economy and peace breaking out all over. The turnaround in those fortunes over just a few short days has been stunning to witness. I’m certain that a hundred years from now when our progeny studies the history of these trying times they will be stunned by its rapidity too. We’re passing through a remarkable slice of human history, but this too shall pass.

I can’t believe Art Bell, W6OBB (SK) missed this…

Social isolation is being touted as the best way to slow the contagion. That shouldn’t be too difficult for us, most radio amateurs have been practicing it our entire lives. And with all the hamfests and conventions being on hiatus, it becomes even easier to just hangout around the shack and only interact with others from a distance, via radio.

Yeah, I know. They haven’t called-off the Dayton Hamvention yet.

It doesn’t seem very responsible to conduct an event that draws 30,000 people from around the planet to one spot during the opening stages of a global pandemic. Nearly everything has voluntarily closed, but not Hamvention. I have no inside details. Perhaps they need the Governor of Ohio to order them closed to get out of having to pay Greene County?

It seems pointless to hold out in the hope that things will improve much over just the next 6-8 weeks. Besides, attendance will be greatly reduced and I imagine many vendors won’t show up either. Same for those who usually visit from outside the US.

This virus seems to present a higher risk to people over 60 years of age. And it’s more deadly for men than women, and can be downright brutal on those with heart and respiratory problems. Now close your eyes and remember last time you were at Xenia. How many in attendance were over 60 years of age? How much gray hair did you see? How many of those electric scooters did you walk around?

This virus is surely licking its chops at the chance to visit a large crowd like gathers at Hamvention. That’s what makes the delay in announcing its closing seem irresponsible. I’m pretty sure the government will shut it down, but only time will tell. It’s not like I’m rooting for Hamvention to lose, but too many people have approached this like a hurricane or snow storm. Stock up on bread, milk and toilet paper while holing up to watch movies for a few days and this will all blow over.

We’re going to have to learn to make other arrangements to keep it all together. Sorry, but this thing is not going to come to a clean, orderly conclusion – just in time for Hamvention.

Stay safe, stay well, and wash your hands…