Hello! I’m Jeff Davis and KE9V is my amateur radio call sign. Licensed since 1977, I’ve enjoyed many of the facets of this great hobby - from spark to space!

I’ve spent considerable time chasing DX, contesting, and ragchewing on HF.

But these days band conditions just ain’t what they used to be so I’m spending more time chasing satellites using handheld transceivers and antennas. People look at you funny when you stand in an open field pointing a small directional antenna toward the heavens, but at least I haven’t been arrested - yet.

I publish a weekly letter for amateur radio enthusiasts, find out more about that here.

I’m a life member of the ARRL and also serve as a member of the ARRL Public Relations Committee. I’m also a member of AMSAT-NA, AMSAT-UK, and TAPR.

Email me: ke9v@arrl.net