So many GREAT articles in the July edition of QST that it’s going to be tough to pick a winner. Which do you think is the top article this month and have you voted yet?

  • The Raspberry Pi Alternative for WSJT-X by Thomas Kocourek, N4FWD
  • Route 66 Adventures on the Bridge by Jack Lunsford, KD7RCJ
  • Why I Operate Remote Radio by Gene Hinkle, K5PA
  • Satellite Roving in the Northwest Territories by Gabriel Zeifman, NJ7H/VE6NJH
  • An Arduino-Controlled Digital VFO for Vintage Tube Transmitters by Mike Aiello, N2HTT

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TV’s Batman, Adam West died yesterday. He was 88 years old. Batman was one of the earliest weekly television programs to be broadcast in “living color”. My best friend lived across the street from me and his home was the first in the neighborhood to have a color television. Much to the chagrin of his parents, all the neighborhood kids hung out there one night each week just to watch.