I’ve been doing some pruning and trimming of my Twitter feed in an effort improve the signal-to-noise ratio. Much of it was really low-hanging fruit. Click, unfollow, repeat. Easy.

There was one account with a callsign whose last 244 tweets were all of the painfully partisan persuasion. Clearly, politicians live in this guys head rent-free. And while he certainly has every right to shout at the (many) imaginary goblins that are eating him alive, I don’t have to go along with him for the ride. Click, unfollow, repeat. Easy.

But taking a deeper dive in my feed I turned up a number of accounts that only tweet when they want something and I find that equally unappealing and these are being culled too.

What do I mean? These accounts only send up a tweet when they want to call attention to their latest blog post or podcast. These rarely, if ever, engage with the community. They drive by, drop their calling card in the scrum, and quickly move on.

These aren’t particularly hard to stomach, but I still find it rude.

I understand the problem, getting eyes on your blog or ears on your podcast is difficult. After all, you’re producing work that nobody asked for. But occasionally dumping your presence into the stream won’t work unless you also expend some effort engaging with the growing numbers of radio amateurs who have found it a unique way to share interesting and useful things with others who enjoy similar interests.

When it comes to social media you either fish or cut bait. If you don’t enjoy the company then why tweet at all? Close your account, pack your bags, move along. Easy.