I ordered a spiral logbook from the ARRL yesterday. First time I’ve bought one of these in ages. There was a time when this was how most of us logged our amateur radio contacts. Handwritten. If you were a prolific operator chances are you had stacks of these.

But with room for 1,300 entries, one book will last me a year.

I suppose it’s all part of slowing down. Besides, I like the notion of making logbook entries by putting pencil to paper like we did in the old days. Oh sure, I’ll eventually move these into electronic format because I believe LoTW is one of amateur radio’s smartest innovations.

But instead of using a program custom made for ham radio logging, I plan to put contact info into a SQL database where I can manipulate and extract the data any which way I want without concern that my favorite software logging author is going to make radical changes - or lose interest in continued development.

Or even worse, drops dead.