Day three of a four-day weekend. Where does the time go?

I’ll hit the send button on issue 95 of CALLING CQ later this morning. About twelve hours later than usual and it’s going to be shorter than usual too. Maybe I’m enjoying the holiday a little too much? I’ve abandoned plans to further publicize the letter as subscriptions are stable at just over 3,000 and it may have reached a saturation point. Besides, I’ve no idea how much longer I’ll continue to publish it.

My Dad’s baby sister died at her home in South Dakota this weekend. She was 84 years old. That makes my Dad the last surviving sibling from his rather large family. I started life with sixteen aunts and uncles and now have only one. An 86 year-old aunt on my Mom’s side. It’s an inevitable part of growing older but it’s still weird to consider how large we were and how small we’ve become.

Hail to the Tweet

The diminished mental capacity of that orange fellow in the White House (when he’s not on a golf course) led him to ‘tweet’ more stupidity again recently that spawned at least one news item I found interesting. Only about 1 in 5 Americans make use of Twitter. I didn’t realize its adoption was so low. Apparently, more than 88% of Americans know what it is - but only 21% make use of it. No wonder it remains unprofitable after more than a decade.