I drove thru a lot of high water on the journey home from Cincinnati last evening. Heavy storms had dumped a lot of water in a short time and there was a spot or two deep enough I probably should have avoided them. But I got lucky and made it home safely.

Things cleared quickly as the Sun set and I connected the HF antenna for the first time in a few weeks because that new IC-7300 has been gathering dust and that’s just not right. Turned out to be a good move as 40 meters sounded pretty good. I was hearing numerous West coast stations early in the evening and that’s usually a good sign.

In short order I worked a handful of stations including Peter, HA3RM in Hungary. I had an eye on DX Summit and chased FK8GX in New Caledonia around 20 without luck.

In the process I tuned right over Paul, ZL4TT in New Zealand. Backing up, I managed to put him in the log after three calls. While it’s not a new one, it’s also not bad for a hundred watts and a wire in poor conditions and I’m pleased to have worked him.

Before closing station I snuck up to 14.062 where I often call CQ in the evening and frequently bump into some old-time QRPers who often park there. I snagged Larry, WA2ALY who was hanging out there.

I thought the 7300 handled the CW workout well tonight. It’s a fine performer with enough creature comforts and features to make the casual operator very happy.