Yesterday was another good one on HF. I spent an hour or so in the IARU HF Championship. Not a serious effort by any stretch but I did work a handful of stations, all on phone. Most notable was a 15 meter contact - my first on 21 mHz in nearly eighteen months.

My real motive this weekend was a shakedown of the IC-7300 and the new HF antenna I put up a few weeks back. Thumbs up all around on station performance.

In the evening I jumped into the SKCC Weekend Sprintathon (WES) but not before having to put a new plug on the end of my favorite straight key. Different size for different rig. It was an easy fix but then I fumbled a few more minutes finding the menu setting to select a straight key instead of a paddle.

With that done I was off and pounding brass the old-fashioned way. I spent an hour or two and collected several new SKCC numbers from several states (WI,KS,CA,FL,AR,AL,MD,UT,GA) and that of RD7A - my first Russian contact during a WES.

It was a good day on the shortwaves.