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Today marks a full month of daily “short-blogging”. I’m not certain that’s a real term, so don’t quote me. I call it that to make clear that there isn’t some long, pedantic article waiting at the other end of the link. Most days it’s just a comment, quick observation or maybe a link to something of interest.

I’ve titled each of these short posts with just the date which makes life easier. Crafting catchy titles for blog posts can be harder than writing the content!

Lonely Little Petunias

Publishing daily can be burdensome and it forces me to be slightly more diligent. I like that. The short format blog is more like social media than blogging. Most Facebook posts consist of less than a hundred words with an attached photo or other media while Twitter is even more constrained.

I could just drop this ephemera on Facebook but I prefer to keep it here.

For the record, there’s been no appreciable change in audience size here over the last thirty days. About all I can say is that readers don’t seem put off by the short posts, neither has it attracted a larger audience. It’s just an experiment with a live audience. You.

Come to think of it, there’s no reason to stop by here if you subscribe to the RSS feed. I publish a full-feed so you can read every drop of the last ten posts in your favorite news reader without visiting. If you don’t already have a favorite news reader allow me recommend mine, FeedWrangler.

Here’s to the next thirty days of short-blogging!