More fun with 100 watts, a wire, and a straight key.

You never know what might turn up when loitering on 40 meters in the early morning. I worked Larry, KJ1RE who had a huge signal from New Hampshire. It was the first time we had worked so a new SKCC number!

That was my 34th contact with someone in that state since I’ve been keeping electronic records. Somehow as a Novice, it felt like NH was a tough one to get (from Indiana) and pretty elusive. Still feels kinda like a “rare” one to me even if the logbook begs to differ.

While working Larry I had an eye on the SKCC sked page and saw that Steve, VK7CW in Tasmania commented on copying me and asked for a call after the QSO with Larry. We had a nice little chew on the rag with surprisingly good signals over the 10,000 mile path.

Having worked New Zealand with some ease last weekend it seems a path to the australs remains in play even without the assistance of spaceweather.