TX Factor - Episode 17 (TXF017)

Time for another episode of my favorite amateur radio program. Settle in for about an hour of ham radio goodness from our radio friends in the UK. Visit them on the Web or via their YouTube channel. And don’t forget to support them every chance you get!

TX Factor goes digital as Mike Marsh gives Bob McCreadie an introduction to operating on DMR, Yaesu Fusion and D Star as part of his digital fun. In part one of the series, they take a trip to a local farm to see how an amateur has set up his own Fusion Gateway.

Ever wonder why QSL cards take a long time to complete their journey? Bob finds out what we can do to help speed up he process.

Pete visits Norwich to spend a day with the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club at their annual field day event, Radio Active to discover why they won the coveted prize of RSGB Large Club of The Year.