Another good evening with FT8. Once again there was a lot of activity and in total I probably spent a little more than an hour on 40 and 80 meters and worked stations in Australia, the Canary Islands, Venezuela - the rest scattered around North America.

Things seem to be clicking well (pun intended).

The IC-7300 sits and purrs without breaking a sweat. It seems weird to work so many stations while never touching the transceiver. My little XPS-13 laptop has performed well too and suddenly I’m glad I bought it. It’s tiny and powerful with great battery life and a killer display with the thinnest of bezels, but it’s small…

Now I’m thinking about building a new PC and adding a big-ass monitor. Something that would let me spread things out and really enjoy an immersive HF digital experience.

More hardware was never a part of my plan. I’ve been busy getting rid of stuff over the last twelve months and another computer with a monitor big enough to cover my desk is some other plan that clearly hasn’t been well baked.

I’ll give it a week or two before pulling the trigger. Maybe my interest in this facet of amateur radio will subside once the logbook has swelled a bit more. But since this would also facilitate running my shack remotely, and given all the time I spend on the road, why wouldn’t I want to do that?