Looking forward to pleasant weather in the Heartland this weekend.

Between now and then we will have to deal with a few thunderboomers, a small price to pay in exchange for a couple of clear sky days with highs of 78F and low-humidity. It’s almost enough to make me forget we’re heading into the “dog days” of summer what with August being upon us. Come on weekend!

Last night I put 20 more in the log using FT8. The bands were in reasonable shape, including 80 meters. Very little DX in the waterfall but I worked 10 different states in very short order there. That might not impress you, but given that it’s July and I’m using a fairly short (73-foot) antenna, I’m pleased with it.

I installed the Cobra Ultra-Lite (80-10) two months ago to give it a workout before deciding to run with it for the coming Fall/Winter season. Based on its performance, I’m leaning toward keeping it. But I want to tweak the way I have it supported that will move the ends of the antenna up a little higher before making a final decision.

It seemed there was plenty of time to get all this done but yesterday I had reason to be up and out of the house early in the morning and noticed how dark it was at 6AM. Three weeks ago on the exact same journey at the exact same time I had to wear sunglasses.

Time keeps on slipping into the future.