A few days ago I saw a note to the MacLoggerDX user group about one fellow’s success using the logging program with a label printer to help him work down a big backlog of QSL cards.

I “quit” on paper QSLing back in 2015 but they’ve continued to trickle in until now I have a backlog too. Since I can’t bring myself to deposit them in the dumpster, I bought the same label printer for the same reason. I never had much luck printing labels when they were sheets of Avery labels being churned out on a dot matrix printer and gave up on that sometime during the Clinton administration.

But a label specific printer seems like a good idea and I figure I can use it for a lot more than just catching up on QSL cards (because one of these days I’m really going to start using that dumpster).

I ordered the DYMO LabelWrite 450 Turbo from Amazon along with some extra labels and the whole thing set me back about sixty bucks. I set it up tonight and after downloading drivers and updated software, I was printing labels with no additional effort using my iMac with MacLoggerDX.

I’ve no doubt it will work just as flawlessly on Windows as it does on the Mac and if you remain addicted to paper QSL’s then I recommend you consider adding it to the tools in your shack. I expect to use it for Christmas cards and whatever else I can think of - it’s very handy and affordable.