Yesterday was one of those stay at home and play on the radio days for me. I spent several hours filling an electronic logbook that never seems ro run out of room. I’ve made over 200 contacts using FT8 and even managed my very first JT65 contact. The emphasis being on “contacts” since these exchanges consist only of the minimum information required to be considered a … well, contact.

After several days of nothing but digital work, I was ready to put my feet up on the desk and use my voice for communication. I emailed a couple of friends who I used to maintain regular skeds with and mentioned that I planned to be on 40 meters hanging out around our old watering hole after dark. And what do you know, they both showed up!

Curt on the western slope of Colorado and Ron over in Cincinnati and the 40 meter band permitted us our fun for this one evening. The band was in great shape and we chatted for an hour and a half. We could have easily gone longer but decided to pull the plug at that point and get some sleep - but what a great way to conclude a fantastic day of radio.

Part of the reason I was able to play radio for so many hours yesterday was that I was stuck at home waiting on UPS to drop off a package that required a signature and the truck didn’t show up until after 4pm.

I said I wasn't going to buy it...

Despite having declared that I would never pay that much for a 25 amp power supply, I ordered the IC-PS126 power supply to go along with my IC-7300.

It was completely unnecessary - and expensive.

But having decided the new transceiver is going to hang around for awhile, it was just something I wanted. I ordered it from HRO and now that it’s on my desk complementing the radio, I’m glad I bought it.

My wallet will complain for another week or so, but this too shall pass.