Forty meters was in good shape again yesterday providing a virtual conduit to Europe in the early evening when I was clicking around with FT8. Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and the UK all ended up in the log.

Also notable in the latest batch was Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and the W5I Red River Bridge War special event station in Sherman, Texas on three different bands.

This last week with FT8 has been interesting. I have no other experience with HF digital modes other than a half-dozen PSK31 contacts made way back when that was the hot, new mode that had everyone buzzing. FT8 is certainly popular and the bands are crowded with activity which seems an oddity for such a brand new mode. It’s easy to setup and use and I’d recommend that you give it a spin when you get a chance.


I bought a new desk for the shack yesterday, something I should have done a few years ago. Just getting the old one out and the new one in was a major disruption but the end result was a more functional workspace. Of course now the rest of the room looks like it could use some attention too so as usual, one thing leads to another.

New flooring, painting, upgrading the lightning, and reworking the cable entry point are all on deck for improvements over the next few weeks.