A beautiful cool morning in the Heartland. About 55F when I got up - long before dawn. I opened the place up to take advantage of the cool, made a pot of coffee and headed for the shack. I really hope this is a foretaste of an early autumn but I never trust summer to give up without an uncomfortable fight.

Back on 40 meters after being away from the home for a few days it was good to hear plenty of signals from the South Pacific. Instead of tuning around the phone portion of the band as has become my weekend morning ritual, I opted for more FT8 work.

I told you, it’s addicitive.

Those new ham radio promotional posters produced by the ARRL are nice. Have you seen them? You can take these files to Kinko’s and have them printed 24x36 canvas sized for a bit under thirty-five bucks if you were so inclined.

The North American QSO Party (NAQP) CW gets underway today at 1800 UTC. Good luck!

There won’t be many tears shed over the IRS auctioning off Hara Arena to satisy an $850,000 tax judgement. But it’s another milestone in the long history of the Dayton Hamvention.