Looks like INRAD may be ruffling some feathers with their new microphone line.

These first hit the market at Hamvention 2017 and more recently INRAD and DX Engineering made an arrangement so that anyone purchasing select new HF transceivers would get a free INRAD microphone along with the required hardware for a limited period of time.

Today, HRO announced that anyone purchasing select new HF transceiver would get a free HEIL microphone along with the required hardware for a limited period of time.

Sound familiar?

Competition is good for consumers and INRAD is bringing it to a segment of the market that has tilted one way for quite some time.

For the record, I’m an INRAD customer who didn’t get in on the deal via DX Engineering. I’ve been a ham 40 years and have spent most of that time on CW. I’m not really a phone guy and have always been satisfied with whatever stock microphone came with the transceivers I’ve owned to maintain occasional phone skeds with a few friends.

But after I bought an IC-7300 I decided I wanted a better microphone. The INRAD line was new and priced attractively and I got two of them, each with slightly different characteristics than the other and my results have been impressive.

Feedback about my audio from those who know what my voice sounds like in person has been more than just positive. I’ve done considerable testing between the stock microphone and each of the INRAD microphones that I have and apparently, a good microphone really makes a big difference in transmitted audio. I suppose that’s something I should have known and taken into consideration years ago.

If you’re planning to buy a new transceiver from DX Engineering take advantage of the free INRAD microphone offer. If your planning to order a new transceiver from HRO - be sure to take them up on the free Heil microphone offer.

If you already have a transceiver, go take a look at the new high performance, value priced INRAD line.