Good morning ECLIPSE watchers.

We decided to stay home. Brenda is under the weather and local news reports are showing crazy traffic on the highways running thru Indiana to the zones of totality just 4-5 hours south of here. So 92% totality will have to do it for us this time around. The sky is clear here at the moment and we have eclipse glasses so will do our watching from the backyard.

I got an email last night from my friend Dave, K9DC who said he planned to head south toward the best viewing zone. Since I know he has an IRLP node in his motorhome, I wanted to give him a call this morning to see if he was in position for the heavenly show.

K9DC runs IRLP Reflector 9200 along with a few repeaters in Indianapolis. I connected to the reflector and found myself in the middle of the morning commute traffic on various repeaters around Indiana that were linked to IRLP.

It was GREAT to hear so much repeater traffic - even though drive time has always been peak repeater use time. But this was different. In my long absence from Hoosier FM activity, enthusiasts have been building a linked system of machines that cover much of Indiana.

And that system is regularly joined to IRLP meaning anyone, anywhere can also join the circle. It was enough to make me want to put an FM mobile in the car again and take a portable IRLP node with me when I travel so I can stay in touch with this friendly bunch!

Now, on with the REALLY BIG show.