Happy Labor Day weekend to all who labor!

Okay, so I’m kicking it off a little early. It’s Friday and I’m working from home today before officially launching into the long holiday weekend.

It’s a cool, 55F today and the high is only expected to reach 67F. Sure feels like a new season and that’s perfectly fine with me. This is the traditional end of summer in these parts. The kids are all back to school now and the public pools that haven’t already closed will wrap it up this weekend.

Today also commences my annual, month-long break from Twitter. I avoid Facebook too but since I rarely use it, you’d be hard pressed to know I was taking a “break” from it. This has been a tough year in the tweetstream what with all the bile stirred by the iridescent incompetence of the new administration.

We’ve entered some weird zone where the election cycle is continuous and both sides remain at war via social media. Who knows, maybe a month will turn into forever?

See you on the bands.