Got your Peanut Power number yet?

You should request one soon if you plan to operate in the 2017 Peanut Powered QRP Sprint that’s sponsored by the North Georgia QRP Club.

The event takes place on Sunday, October 1st from 2200 to 2400 UTC and the objective is to work as many Peanut Power numbers as possible on 40, 20, and 15 meters using SSB and CW. Points per QSO are awarded based on the kind of Peanut worked (Goober, Salted, Boiled, Roasted, and Raw) and that’s based on power used and location (home vs. portable).

It’s all explained in the rules PDF that can be downloaded here.

I’ve already got my number – 280. Look for me to run the sprint as a Roasted Peanut!