I’d have to check the log to be certain, but I believe this is my seventh consecutive weekend where I worked at least one VK. Most of those have been via FT8 though a few weekends ago I managed to work several Australian and one station in New Zealand using CW. The 40-meter austral path remains a bright spot in my recent HF adventures.

The cold front that’s been pushing thru the Midwest arrived here yesterday. It’s 44F as I write this, too chilly to have all the windows open at this hour of the day but this dry, cool weather will finally let us get on with enjoying Autumn.

Can’t get enough cool weather or pumpkin spice this time of year.

Parsing all the ham radio news for the next edition of my weekly letter has been tougher than usual as its been dominated with hurricane recovery efforts. Amateur radio certainly is proving its worth as it so often does in these situations, but I believe down the road a few months when we reflect on 2017, ham radio’s response to the hurricanes will be our most shining moment.