Absolutely stunning last day of September in the Heartland. We drove a few miles out of town on a gravel road on our way to a local apple orchard where we’ve traded for many years. Picked up a few gallons of fresh apple cider and a big bag of apples.

Was exploring 40 meters before the sun was up again this morning and once again, managed to work a few VK’s and ZL2LI using FT8.

After we visited the orchard I spent another hour in the shack and had a nice ragchew with Richard, VE3JEV who was in London, Ontario on 40M phone.

Later this afternoon I hope to make at least a few contacts in the Peanut Powered QRP Sprint. I’ll be using Peanut number 280 - hope to hear you in the fray.

Hey, one more QRP note for the un-dead. Paul, NA5N has announced the details for the upcoming Zombie Shuffle:

THE ZOMBIE SHUFFLE is an annual event for QRPers to get on the air, have some fun, and rack up a really big score in spite of what your CW or operating skills may be. It is held near Halloween and to avoid the CQ World Wide and ARRL Sweepstakes contests. The Zombie Shuffle is administered strictly through the QRP-L mailing list.