Happy October!

I showed up at the appointed hour for the Peanut Powered Sprint yesterday as mentioned and never heard a soul. Then I realized the event wasn’t yesterday, it’s today, and that explained the silence…

I did work Hawaii via FT8 this morning on 40 meters. Fingers crossed that the guy uploads that confirmation to LoTW. That would complete my quest for WAS Digital and leave me just one short of Worked All States via FT8.

Whenever I confirm those, I’ll very likely set the new mode aside. As the crowds have shown up for the big party the LID’s followed and the new mode seems to be descending into anarchy. Some of the bad behavior can be blamed on this being such a new mode and everyone is trying to figure some angle for how to best make use of it but a lot of it is just inconsiderate operators, as usual.

But frankly, I’ve changed my mind about this mode being ideal for use by the big DXpeditions. I see no way for it to be successfully implemented in any fashion without provoking total chaos. I hope I’m wrong about that, but if you’re taking bets, bet on bedlam for FT8 from Bouvet Island.

Hey, and since it’s October, I’m back on Twitter. I’ve been taking a break during the month of September for the last few years and enjoy the break. I cheated a little this time around and tweeted a few photos but mostly just enjoyed the break.