I’ve been blogging here for ages but about a year ago I made a significant change to the format. Looking for something simple, I deployed a static site generator. No more databases, comment moderation, or constant security updates to install. It’s just formatted plain text streamed thru a processor that arranges the files into folders and adds custom formatting.

Individual posts are titled by the date. It’s a different approach that permits multiple topics to appear in one blog post.

The front page incorporates the last thirty postings. Older articles scroll off the front page but remain in the archive. You can link to any of them by clicking on a post title which reveals the permalink address.

A full RSS feed is available and care has been taken to make the site mobile friendly.

The content is mostly a journal of my adventures in amateur radio, a hobby that has captured my attention for more than forty years. But I’m not dogmatic about it. Unrelated topics show up here from time to time. Get over it. I’m unimpressed by those who proclaim that their blog or Twitter feed is “one hundred percent about ham radio and nothing else”.

You won’t find a wall of advertisements here because I don’t need your money. I’m fortunate enough to afford the ten dollars a month it costs to lease this server.

Sometimes I review a book or make recommendations about something purchased from Amazon. In those cases I may include an affiliate link which, if clicked and you end up making a purchase, provides me with a token commission without adding cost to the purchase.

I use Google Analytics to generate statistics so whatever extra jumbo mumbo jumbo Google uses to make that happen could rub off when you visit. I suppose the Amazon affiliate links might as well. I don’t personally collect any data from site visitors.

That’s about it. I hope you find reason to subscribe to the RSS feed or visit the site from time to time. Comments aren’t supported but you can always email me.

Or we could just meet on the air to discuss - like real hams.