My desktop computer is a 21.5-inch, 2011 iMac and though it continues to chug along without complaint, it’s useful life is growing short. I’ve had some crazy notions about replacing it with a new Windows desktop since its primarily used in the shack. I held off on doing that because of my long association with the Mac and I simply couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger, so I waited.

And now I’m glad that I did. The decision to migrate to FlexRadio affords me some flexibility in the choice of an OS. Not only that, but I’ve had plenty of time to consider how much value I place on a desktop machine versus a laptop. Previously I just assumed I would replace the old iMac with a new iMac and a 27-inch model to boot.

Given that my new FlexRadio 6400 is headless and will be installed in a closet, my desktop suddenly has a lot more space, why would I fill it with an enormous machine/monitor?

Since I’ll be carrying my ham shack with me wherever I roam, either in the form of the Maestro or a computer of some sort, I decided to replace the “shack” desktop with a new laptop.

I purchased a MacBook Pro. It’s a 13-inch model that’s a good-looking space gray and wonderfully made. This will replace my iMac and serve as one part of my portable ham radio station. It’s running the latest version of OSX and seems to handle the simple tasks I’ve thrown at it with ease. It’s taken some time to migrate my logbook and LoTW certificates to the new machine but those chores are complete and now it’s time to decommission the iMac.

And while the new MacBook Pro is a powerful machine, I’ll just have to get over the fact that the A11 chip in my new iPhone 8 has a faster processor than my laptop. My how times have changed.