A few stolen moments permitted me to make a few radio contacts today. 40 meters was in decent shape and not long after the sun went down it provided a conduit to Europe that was good for several contacts including Northern Ireland, an all time new one on digital for me. When I uploaded the days effort to LoTW, the confirmation from MI0NWA was even waiting on me!

Earlier in the afternoon I had slipped into the shack for a few moments and had just made an FT8 contact with a station when my five year-old grandson walked in. I showed him the contact in process which he thought was kinda cool but he was even more interested when we looked NS0SR up on QRZ to see where it was located.

Turns out it’s the ham radio station for the North Shore Scenic Railroad Radio Club in Duluth, Minnesota. The photos of the trains and the ham radio station onboard the trains was worth a million bucks to my grandson who is a young railfan with a serious thing for trains.