Since entering the HF Digital world I’ve noticed a tremendous uptick in the number of QSL confirmations received via LoTW. From 2010 to the present I uploaded 4,176 CW contacts to LoTW and received 1,763 confirmations (42%). So far this year I’ve uploaded 836 unique FT8 contacts which have resulted in 620 LoTW confirmations (74%).

I’m unsure why anyone would operate FT8 without QSLing as there is no real value in a conversation-less contact if not for award credit - but there are still plenty of hams who don’t use LoTW claiming it to be too difficult.

In my experience, three out of four digital operators use LoTW and are prompt about uploading their contacts. That’s particularly satisfying given that it took me more than a year to achieve WAS CW via LoTW while I collected WAS Digital via LoTW in just over three months.