I still need Wyoming to complete Worked All States on FT8 so on Friday night I started calling every 7-call that popped up in the waterfall. It’s not a bullet-proof method of searching for the elusive Cowboy State but calling CQ WY was getting me no where.

I ended up working a lot of 7’s but none of them were in Wyoming. In fact, many of them were East of the Mississippi. So with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek I tweeted:

“I can tell I’m getting old because call signs not being in proper regions are beginning to piss me off”.

That tweet drew some attention and many comments with almost everyone understanding that it was intended to be funny. I even followed that with another that explained:

“I’m chasing WY so calling every 7 I see in the waterfall. All of them have been East of the Mississippi! That’s just wrong…”

The crowd grew as did the banter and it was all friendly until, you guessed it, someone didn’t get that it was supposed to be funny. He even gained a little support for his misguided grievance.

To be clear, I wasn’t suggesting the rules be changed just to make me happy. I don’t care if you live in West Virginia with a 7-call. It was a joke.

But sometimes you run into those in our hobby carrying a chip on their shoulder just waiting to be “offended”. I’ve read about some who have actually left the hobby over an inane comment like this.

I’d hate to be the cause of that so I’m going to follow-up with the folks in Newington about having them sell a new topical cream I heard about that’s supposed to thicken human skin. I don’t know all the ingredients but I hear it includes Aloe Vera to soothe the burns.