Club Log curator G7VJR recently tweeted,

“In September 2017, the number of FT8 QSOs uploaded to Club Log was the same as CW and SSB combined.”

This comes as no surprise as the rapid acceptance of this new digital mode has taken amateur radio by storm. In just a few short months everyone has jumped on that bandwagon and the result has been a sort of controlled chaos.

That’s to be expected too. After all, CW and phone have been around for decades and enough time has passed for techniques and norms to have developed. By comparison, FT8 has only existed for a few hours and there’s not yet a definitive guide book to its proper usage and there hasn’t been time for “experts” in the mode to emerge.

It’s weak signal advantages seem to make it ideal for DXpedition use, especially at the bottom of the solar cycle, but its technical advantages could be overwhelemed because there isn’t (yet) a good way of controlling a pileup - beyond good behavior.

And we all know how well that has worked on CW and Phone during big DXpeditions…