I know this fellow whose personal preference is to reduce his role in ham radio to the bare minimum. He uses CW only with an Elecraft KX3 at low power levels with a solar charged battery. His antenna is made from wire. He has nothing to do with LoTW preferring to log using pencil and paper and exchange QSL cards via the postal service.

He makes fewer than 300 contacts each year and prefers long ragchews to chasing DX or contesting. He seems to enjoy learning about the lives and location of those he works on the air and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his particular approach to the hobby.

In fact, I read his personal bio frequently because it inspires me to follow in his footsteps and opt for the road less traveled. I do wonder what he may be missing when it comes to higher tech aspects of our hobby, but at the same time, I wonder what I might be missing when it comes to the ‘Zen of Simplicity’.

Most who have reached my age are likely exhausted by the pace of technology. I know I am. The notion of turning back time to a simpler age is compelling though probably destructive to the future of amateur radio.

This is a theme that will be revisted here from time to time. I hope I don’t bore you with it, but it deserves attention because keeping one foot in this century while keeping the other in the last century is a weird place to be but one worthy of discussion.