FaradayRF Telemetry

Telemetry is the ultimate expression of what our licenses permit us to do. Anyone can “talk” to anyone else via a cellphone or Skype. That we are permitted to send remote data via RF makes our privilege exceptional.

What will you do with such an invaluable resource?

Few radio amateurs use the telemetry functionality of APRS. We count telemetry as any standard or BASE91 telemetry packet. Over a 24 hour period we’ve observed around 44 distinct stations with an average of 13 stations sending telemetry over 5 minute periods. This pales in comparison to the entire APRS-IS stream which in 24 hours averages 7,000 distinct stations and totaling over 31,000 stations sending a packet. This means just 0.13% of the APRS user base sends a telemetry packet. Disappointing. Amateur radio was founded in experimentation and remote telemetry is paramount to exciting experimentation. FaradayRF is changing this.