Everyone Invited to Join the California QRP Club

In a recent message Doug Hendricks, KI6DS wrote:

The purpose and goals of the California QRP Club is to promote QRP. We don’t have dues, we don’t have officers, and we don’t have business meetings. We do have monthly get togethers in San Jose, and we will be a co-sponsor of the QRP activities at Pacificon next year. The club will have two caretakers, Steve Smith, WB6TNL and Doug Hendricks, KI6DS. They will be responsible for the running of the club. We will not do anything that involves the exchange of money to the club. If there are expenses, Steve and Doug will pay them.

The “new” organization appears to be the NorCal group re-born. The club model is consistent with most of the non-club – QRP clubs. I was particularly attracted by the mention that QRPp might once again be published and made available as a PDF download.

I plan on doing more issues of QRPp, but it will not have a regular schedule and will be posted as a downloadable file in the file section of this list.

It’s too bad the group chose to stick with YahooGroups instead of taking the opportunity to migrate to Groups.io as most are doing these days, but the possibility of a born again QRPp will certainly keep me watching closely.