I wouldn’t have been surprised to have seen some snow on the ground when I let the dog out this morning. There was none to be seen in the dark and I noticed the temperature was 34F. It had been raining when I went to bed last night and the temperature was falling.

Snow in October here in Indiana would have only been unusual because we haven’t seen it much in the last decade. When I was a kid no one would have thought it out of the ordinary but times and the climate changes.

With the dog and cat both fed and the coffee made, I walked into the shack to check on the CQ WW SSB contest that had been underway for about nine hours. And as usual, band conditions were fairly lousy.

On 40 meters there were the usual suspects in the Caribbean and a few South American stations stirring things up. I copied a strong KH6 on the Big Island but not much else out of the Pacific and nothing from Europe.

I was listening to 9Y4W calling and calling while I was catching up on all the morning news when something occurred to me and I did some log checking. Yes, I’ve worked Trinidad and Tobago many times on CW but never on phone. So I called the 9Y4 and got him in the log on 40 phone.

This is the first weekend in months that we won’t be working in the yard. It’s been raining for about 24 hours with more on the way. And given the cool temperatures, we will likely find chores indoors this weekend. Or maybe we’ll just relax and watch old movies. I like this kind of lazy weather!

Later tonight I’ll run the bands again to see what else I might be missing.

Good luck in the contest!