Hardly a day passes without reading yet another article about why you should cancel your social media accounts and re-join the “real” world.

Now it’s my turn. I deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts this week. Not that I ever devoted much time to either, I’ve simply come to believe that Facebook is ruining everything.

It’s an echo chamber where you can hear and see whatever you want to hear and see everything that agrees with your position. That makes people feel good. Makes them feel “right”. It vindicates their decisions whether they are right or wrong.

If you love Trump and hate Hillary you can find endless confirmation that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread while she’s the spawn of Satan and it works equally well the other way around…

Facebook is a fount of fake news that has divided the nation, thrown an election, and is misleading America into the abyss.

Quitting Facebook and Instagram was easy. Twitter will be a little tougher for me but I’ll eventually let it go too, for all the same reasons.