We traveled about an hour north of here, through a lot of rain and thunder, yesterday morning to attend the Ft. Wayne Hamfest. I wasn’t looking for anything particular, this is simply the last hamfest of the year for me and I wanted to say “hello” to a few old friends and stroll in the presence of those things that make us remember the way we were.

As it turned out, Christmas came a little early for me as I walked away with a new Kenwood TH-D74A handheld and a SharkRF openSPOT digital radio IP gateway/hotspot. The handheld was being offered by R&L Electronics for a hundred dollars less than it could be found anywhere else and it seemed too good a deal to pass on.

The openSPOT will be used for both D-STAR and DMR and will help facilitate my digital voice activity. I’ve ordered a portable battery and WiFi to Ethernet adaptor from Amazon so I can assemble a portable hotspot to carry this facet of ham radio along wherever I roam.