29F and clear when I woke up this morning. That’s better. I like it cold!

I picked up a SharkRF openSPOT at the hamfest this weekend and then spent Sunday evening getting it setup and working on WiFi - with the addition of a TP-Link WiFi travel router. I’ve ordered a battery pack to turn it all into a portable hotspot for DMR, D-STAR, and Fusion.

HamRadioNow video from a talk at the TAPR Communications Conference by the HamSCI team on the Solar Eclipse QSO Party. It’s good stuff, especially for the future of the hobby. And be sure to toss Gary, KN4AQ a few bucks for his effort - he does great work.

Over 100,000 LoTW users now. Why everyone doesn’t use it is a mystery for the ages.

A little swag from FaradayRF showed up in the mail today…