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FlexRadio News

I pre-ordered a Flex-6400 a few months ago with expectations that it would ship sometime in January 2018. It appears that estimate will be about right. I received a note from the company a few days ago with the following update:

  1. The factory completed the last printed circuit board assembly for the first production run on November 18th.

  2. We also received first article (FA) final production assemblies on November 18th for validation as shown in the photo below. We were successful in confirming quality and performance of the FA units over the weekend.

  3. The factory is in the process now of building the major chassis subassemblies in preparation for final system test and calibration.

  4. This week is Thanksgiving week in the US, which has the factory short on staff and closed on Thursday and Friday. Full production will resume on Monday after the holiday.

  5. Barring any unforeseen problems, our manufacturing partner has committed best efforts to complete the first production run during the month of December. Both they and we are highly motivated to do so.

  6. Shipments into the US market will begin first.

  7. We expect to begin CE testing during the first or second week of December. Shipments to the EU will begin as soon that testing is successfully completed.