There was a spark of moral outrage over a recent incident that ended in the censure of an ARRL Board member. It seemed a minor administrative action not worthy of mention but there are those who see evil lurking in every shadow.

In this regard I’m fairly immune to conspiracy theories. I enjoyed reading those long screeds from Uncle Wayne about how the League was ripping off its members – but I never believed them. He was simply adding a little salacious sizzle sauce to goose the sales of 73 Magazine. These days we just call it “click-bait” and move on.

Staying in Touch on TAC-310

I mentioned a week ago that I’ve been spending more time on DMR these days. I should have said I’m spending all my time on DMR. The hotspot was a good purchase decision and I carry it almost everywhere I roam.

When not working or sleeping, you can find me on TAC-310.

A rather large group of users congregate there and keep it lively. I’ve noticed a little more drivel during the daylight hours but the conversations turn longer and more interesting as the night wears on. It’s been particularly interesting this week as snow has fallen in various areas of the country which has made the usually tedious topic of weather a lot more interesting!

Look for me on the talk group and give me a call. What else are you going to do, hangout on the dead HF bands and listen for crickets?